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R D Pemberton

R D Pemberton

Need to hire a mini digger? R D Pemberton has exactly what you need in the Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas. Each mini digger is manned by an expert, so whatever the job entails, you can be confident it will be done safely and correctly.

Ponds, lakes, septic tanks and hard landscaping

A mini digger makes easy work of ponds, lakes, septic tanks and hard landscaping jobs. Take a look here for more details.

Concrete breaking and repairing

There's no end to the list of uses a mini digger comes in handy for. Whether you need one for breaking up a concreted area for the removal of the materials, and then for the repair or replacement of the concrete slabs, R D Pemberton has the mini digger you need.

R D Pemberton - providing manned mini diggers for you

Ditch cleaning and land drainage

Mini diggers are perfect for scooping out the rubbish and other materials that lead to blocked ditches and ultimately to flooded land. Clean ditches and drain your land using our manned mini digger service.

Manned mini digger hire

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